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Way be a Freelance Illustrator

Some of the duties you would expect to perform as an illustrator include:

Understanding client needs and developing artwork from their concepts Creating storyboards that depict the script and narrative Drawing in 2D to create sketches, artwork or illustrations Designing models, backgrounds, characters, objects and environment Using clay, plaster, oil paints, watercolours and acrylics Working to deadlines and meet client’s expectations Using technical software packages, such as Adobe suite and other tools used by illustrators


Illustrators must develop certain skills to make a decent living. There are many websites and forums and blog posts that can help you develop and hone these skills. However, before you do find out where it is important to know what these skills are. Without ado, let us look at these skills in question:

As an illustrator, you should:

Be creative and artistic Possess drawing skills (sculpting skills aren’t needed)Have good concentration Have an eye for detail Observe and understand body language and expressions Be a good communicator and negotiator Be organised Be innovative and resourceful Be able to work well as a team player and take direction from senior editors, illustrators, directors and clients Be interested in art & design, film and television

You can develop and hone these skills needed online, or through courses. Many platforms and websites can help you ‘sketch’ a brilliant career, as an illustrator.

Illustration Class, Colossal, Lynda, Skillshare and Folio Academy offer both paid and free options, where you can learn illustration online.

Being Successful as a Freelance illustrator:

Maybe you will create the next Uncle Sam, or the next Syd, Milly and Olly. Who knows? However, what is apparent is that with the skills and talent this field will give you many opportunities to create memorable characters and illustrations. So, how can you become a successful illustrator?

There are many bumps along the way to becoming successful freelancers: no colleagues to moan to, no shared lunches, along with the instability of the absence of a weekly cheque. However, you can become successful, or indeed set off down the path to success, by following certain tips, as;

Being adept at drawing Being a keen observer Referring to and studying the works of better artists Learning continuously Networking Be able to sketch social views of an incident Be able to draw on people’s expression.