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Modern art paintings

First modern styles appeared in 1860s as refusal from past traditions. They are characterized by freshness, ideological content, unusual techniques and even simplified forms of displayed composition. Modern oil pictures are painted with vibrant colors and surreal shapes to portray deep emotions.

Here are some of the most influential styles that mostly reflect the spirit of modern art schools and movements.

  • Abstract art is a nonrepresentational style that departs from reality replacing it with associative and symbolic elements. Rather than depicting real objects, artists try to evoke the viewer’s feelings through the use of colors and shapes.
  • Surrealist paintings are a free combination of bright and vivid images in a fantastic, unconventional way. Surrealists are dreamers without boundaries who emphasize the meaning of the subconscious and try to paint a “flow of imagination.”
  • Pop art reflects subjects and scenes from casual life. It is a certain kind of realism in contemporary art, only defined by modern realia.
  • Representatives of conceptual art believe that the conceptual side of art dominates over the technical one. This style is mostly reflected in a combination of different elements: sculpture, installation and painting.
  • Futurists depict the triumph of technologies and the evolution of the world in the future. They believe that the mankind will take the lead over nature.
  • Impressionism is considered one of the earliest modern styles that appeared in France. Artworks of this style thrill the viewer with a play of color and light in a patchwork of radical brushstrokes.

One of the most famous contemporary impressionists, Leonid Afremov, creates a wide range of thought-provoking oil paintings using an uncommon Impasto technique and vibrant positive colors. Like every Impressionist, he tries to capture the beauty of the moment and perpetuate fleeting emotions in a way that best describes its meaning. Bright and inspiring paintings by Leonid Afremov will make a fine addition to your room decor and create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home.